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World Luxury Waters is a specialized trading company for unique high premium mineral water brands from all over the world. In addition to well-known brands such as VOSS (Norway) or VEEN (Finland), you can also discover some very special waters, such as CAPE KAROO (South Africa), GREENLAND SPRINGWATER (Greenland) or EAUX DE ZILIA (Isle of Crosica) but also the AQUA PREMIUM (Switzerland) will surprise you.

World Luxury Waters

Your personal Water-Card


Get your Water directly at home !

No stress, no time or effort from necessary.

Weekly; Bi-Weekly or Monthly we send you 3 Six Packs from a selected Water or every period another water.

Minimum Duration: 3-months








Global Trading of Swiss Premium Waters



Health and Wellbeing – Fitness and Lifestyle – Enjoyment and Pleasure


This is what Natural Swiss mineral water stands for.

Consistent with its premium quality Swiss mineral water is best suited to support the various requirements of customers. 


  • You have been drinking on your journey to Switzerland, a special mineral water and would like to now enjoy at home?
  • You want only the best for your health?
  • Would you like to impress your guests?


=> Make it as already countless other lovers of the best of Swiss mineral water, make your order now of  "your" mineral water at Swiss International Waters. 

The Swiss International Waters GmbH Meggen provides you worldwide with selected Swiss mineral water directly to your home. 


Our offer is constantly expanding, but the procedures are often complicated and time consuming, so the geographic availability does not always exist.

If you have not found so "your" mineral water in our selection for your country, please contact us directly and we will immediately try to organize the required water.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer with us. 

With your order you support the work of the Foundation's "Water World", which is committed to the implementation of projects dealing with water in the third world. 

Thank you very much.

Your team of
Swiss International Waters


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Continue to drink the mineral water from your holiday

The holiday is over, but you want the relaxed feeling and this special mineral water from your holiday destination also enjoy at home?


Or you just want to take a refreshing souvenir of your holidays?


Simply send us your holiday destination and, where appropriate, the brand of your mineral water and we can organize for you "Your" favorite bottled water.